Hee Haw Ho, and Kathy’s Lakes (Day 3) Payette National Forest, Idaho

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The next morning we were up and off to Kathy’s Lakes. The fall colors were spectacular! Notice the hillside in the distance which was backlit with the sun.

This is Lower Kathy’s Lake which was about an hour off trail trek from camp.

Lower Kathy’s Lake looking north towards the outlet.

After a little fishing, Ruby wanted a photo shoot.

Leaving Lower Kathy’s Lake, headed to Upper Kathy’s Lake.

Upper Kathy’s Lake sits at about 8000′ of elevation and is one of the higher lakes in these parts.

John and his fishing habit can not be stopped!

Ruby reminisces about her younger days when she and John used to climb peaks instead of fish…..

We decided to compromise and John stopped fishing for a bit to climb up to the saddle.

Looking towards the outlet of Upper Kathy’s Lake….. a bit of a hanger!

We had nice views from the saddle as the smoke was lifting a bit.

We had a great weekend of hiking, fishing, and hanging out. In all, about 20 miles and about 7000′ of climb with visits to 5 lakes and a few fish caught……4 saddles bagged, no peaks.

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