Hidden Lake, Payette National Forest, Idaho

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It is a beautiful fall day in Idaho so we headed off for a mellowish hike, photography, and fishing at Hidden Lake north of McCall

The fall colors are blazing!

It is a fairly flat contour hike from the road at Hard Creek Ranger Station over to Hidden Lake…… Notice how we are all appropriately social distanced?

The patches of quaking aspen were off the charts vibrant.

After a little over an hour, we arrived at Hidden Lake. One glance from Ruby and we both knew it was time to get working!

After Ruby’s photo shoot and a little fishing myself, I found a nice reclining rock and proceeded to chill out for a bit. Tom and John headed out to climb a peak and Texas Tim was whippin water.

While laying on my reclining rock, I notice this very cool scene through the trees. I was shooting today with the wide angle lens on my big camera and needed a very long lens for this shot. I grabbed my iPhone and with full digital magnification, shot this image….. If only I had my telephoto lens!

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