Blue Lake and Zena Peaks, Payette National Forest, Idaho

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On a very hot weekend in McCall, John, Ruby and I headed to the high country to escape the heat and the crowds! After and early start, and a fairly lengthy drive, we were soon headed out on a hike John had proposed about a year ago. See John’s trip report here:

Despite the early start and spending most of the day at about 8000 feet, it was toasty! We found a small pond and Ruby was happy to check it out! She was soon in the water.

Our objective of the day was Blue Lake and a couple of peaks nearby. The initial plan was to hit the lake for a little fishing and then bag the peaks but with the building heat we decided to get our first peak of the day done early and then hit the lake for a swim. This peak which John named “Blue Lake Creek Peak”, in large part to annoy Art, was right above Blue Lake and of course Blue Lake Creek.

After bagging the peak, on the left side of the image, we headed down. It was indeed blue!!!

After utilizing our advanced fishing prowess, we determined that there was no sign of fish in this lake, bagged the fishing and went straight to the swim portion of the event. After stripping down to his birthday suit, John was soon in the water. “Blue Moon over Blue Lake!” “Exposing himself to the Rockies!” you might say….

We quickly dried off and got dressed to prevent the horse flys from biting our exposed tender bits, then started our climb out of the lake basin. While capturing this last photo of the lake, I could not help noticing the fish jumping joyfully below….

We were soon on to our next peak.

There were some cool snags near the top. By this point, we were pretty hot and tired and in need of water, we dropped in, filtered some water while Ruby swam in the creek, then headed home.

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