Cougar Lakes Basin, Episode 4, Frank Church Wilderness, Idaho

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The morning of the third day was another beautiful sunrise.

This is Ursa Minor with the morning light.


Soon we were off hiking to our first ridge and peak.

Ruby knew just what to do with an old snag and wildflowers! Notice Catherine Lake in the drainage below.

Our first peak today was a relatively easy walk up.

Here is the view back down to our lake. Cougar Peak is on the right, Ursa Minor is the upper lake and Bear Lake is the lower lake. There is also another small lake barely visible just to the right of Ursa Minor.

Here is yesterday’s view of the peak which that image was shot. We climbed up the right flank.

The view looking down the Monument Creek Drainage.

After a couple hours it was time for Peak 2 of Day 3.

On top of Peak 2 Day 3. We had a fairly sizable lake below us. On the way across the ridge, John and I noticed a bunch of fish jumping in the lake below. We had a nice B.I.E. (Build in Excuse) to send the younger boys further out the ridge for another peak while John and I dropped to the lake for a little fishing!

It was quite a beautiful lake. This image was shot on an ancient trail we found dropping off the ridge.

First cast!

After a nice break and a little fishing, we headed for another lake around the corner. Ruby wanted one last shot before we left. Notice Peak 2 Day 3 just above the lake in the background.

Cool snag with Lake 1 Day 3 below and Peak 2 Day 3 above.

Lake 2 Day 3! More beautiful than the last! Our route out will eventually take us up the spine just beyond the lake back to the ridge on the left.

Ruby working it for the Ruby Calendar!

After a lunch break, photo shoot and a little fishing we took another look at the Monument Creek Drainage.

Heading back up to the ridge so we could get back to base camp. A look back at Lake 2 Day 3.

We returned back to camp for a swim and some relaxation before the peak baggers retuned just an hour our so behind us.

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