Cougar Lakes Basin, Episode 3, Frank Church Wilderness, Idaho

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We were up fairly early the next morning and headed off for a four peak day. We quickly dropped into Bear Lake as we crossed the valley to our destination. Here is a link to John’s trip report:

This unnamed peak behind Bear Lake was on our itinerary for tomorrow!

The bear grass was in full bloom.

In order to get to our ridge, we need to cross this lush high valley floor then head up the ridge to the left.

Peak 1 day 2!

After bagging the peak, it required a bit of a spicy knife edge ridge walk on the decent. Notice the weather? Not bad!

Looking back on Peak 2 day 2.

Finally, the summit of Snowslide Peak, Peak 3 Day 2. This is not the Snowslide Peak John and I climb every May. This Snowslide Peaks is much more remote. Why are there two Snowslide Peaks? Who knows, why are there so many Deer Points, Duck Lakes, Goose Creeks…..?

Looking back towards camp, Peak 2 Day 2 is in the near center image and Peak 1 Day 1 is just off it’s right shoulder in the distance. The Pinnacles are just beyond it on the horizon.

At this point, John and I headed back to base camp and the young bucks, Salmon Jeff and Super Dave headed to Center Mountain which was another couple hours beyond. It was pretty warm by then and there was no water on the ridge route so these snow patches were nice. We refilled our bottles and Ruby enjoyed the refrigeration. Check out Super Dave’s Trip Report here for a report on Center Mountain (when available):

Back at camp we jumped in the lake to cool off and settled in for the evening. Day 3 Episode 4 coming soon!

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