Bucking Hay! McCall, Idaho

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Here is proof I can turn just about anything into a blog post! I receive a text from my buddy John last night and it turns out our friend Jeff needed a little help unloading and stacking some hay. Bucking hay is something I used to do as a teenager helping out on the farms and ranches around Idaho Falls….. That was a good long time ago!

We needed to get that there trailer full of hay (along with another one) up this lift and stacked into the top of this barn. That is Jeff up there, he runs a string of pack mules and horses in the back country of Idaho. During the winter he needs to keep them fed so this is the time of year to start thinking about that!

One guy at the bottom and two at the top stacking. Ahhhh the smell, the itchiness, the tired arms and back, it brings back so many memories!

After getting all 4 tons of hay put away, we assured Jeff that the next time we see him at McCall Brewery, he is buying us a beer. We will not forget no matter how long the covid lasts!!!!

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