Ellis Lake and Horton Lake, Payette National Forest, Idaho

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John’s Tour de Lac 2020 continued yesterday and now I am starting to get worried. Including yesterday, we have visited about 20 lakes and ponds over the last 2 weeks and caught fish out of a bunch of them. Those of you who follow my adventures know that John is a peak bagger and usually regards lakes as a frustrating obstacle requiring a walk around on his way to the next peak. (The flowers were out yesterday!) See John’s trip report here: http://www.splattski.com/2020/horton/index.html

I have two theories on John’s new lake obsession. #1 I gave him a fishing pole and he has rediscovered a childhood obsession with fishing, #2 He has a large topographic map on his office wall which shows every peak in the area. He has now climbed and placed a “completed” pin in every peak except one…… I believe there are over 150 peaks pinned. Do you think the wind could be totally out of his sails? Notice that even Ruby is puzzled by these lakes, she is gazing off into the distance looking at the nearby mountain top! By the way, this is the first pond/lake of the day.

More flowers!

Blooming Beargrass.

Our second pond/lake of the day.

This is our third lake of the day and the first one with an official name, Ellis Lake.

We stopped and of course John fished!

Our buddy Art came with us today and also did a little fishing. I threw a few casts myself and quickly determined that these fish were not interested in anything I had to offer. I grabbed my camera and headed up the hill just to Art’s left. FYI, John was more interested in fishing than climbing!

This really cool snag was near the summit.

I took extra pictures of it so I could show John this cool climb.

The summit was real beautiful! If you notice off in the distance on the left side horizon, that is Slab Butte, a climb John and I did last year when he used to climb peaks. See that trip report here: https://davefaitlemonde.com/2019/08/31/slab-buttevalley-county-idaho/

Soon we were off to our next lake, Horton Lake. I could quickly see the look in Ruby’s eye! “OOOOH GEZZZZZ! Not again!!!”

Art quickly accessed the lake and declared “There are no fish here”. Turns out he was right.

However, this declaration did not stop John!

It was a beautiful lake despite not having fish.

Soon we were on to the next lake/pond. Ruby was scurrying up any high ground she could find for a peak fix.

But no! Another pond. I think at this point she had given up hope and decided to entertain herself the best she could!

No worries Davefaitlemonders and followers of Splattski! I’m taking John to the Frank Church Wilderness this weekend for a 4 day rehabilitation camp. We have about 12 peaks scheduled in four days. This will give him a whole new map to put on his wall!!!

3 Replies to “Ellis Lake and Horton Lake, Payette National Forest, Idaho”

    1. Olympus Mountaineering, Hello! Thanks for your kind words. I enjoyed browsing your posts as well. I am posting photography of my latest adventure all this week. I ended up only getting 8 peaks but a couple guys in our group bagged 11. I’m starting to get too old to keep up with the youngsters!


      1. Thanks for the reply and I’m pleased to know you enjoyed to go through the Olympus Mountaineering blog.

        8 peaks in 4 days is still a great achievement and of course congratulations for the guys that bagged 11.

        I’ll wait for your upcoming posts as well.


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