Lake Thirty-three, Payette National Forest, Idaho

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I was jointed today by Susan, Tom, John, Ruby, and Finn for an outing to one of my favorite Idaho Mountain Lakes, Lake Thirty-three. See John’s trip report here:

The climb up and over the saddle require to access the lake is pretty rugged and requires careful navigation as there is really only one keyhole that gets you to the top.

The views to the Northwest are spectacular!

Once at the saddle, we paused for a moment to soak in the amazing beauty of the Idaho Mountains.

Lake Thirty-three is a hanging lake which as you can see means it hangs in the top of the drainage. Its like an infinity pool.

Interesting clouds and a cool old snag.

Down to the lake after about a 600 foot decent through some pretty sketchy boulders.

The high country flowers are out!

Susan and Finn are enjoying the sun on the rock outcropping. It was actually quite cool up there and the breeze was not helping.

Ruby has learned that when the fishing rods come out it is time to relax! Notice Tom fishing and Susan supervising!

After a nice break at the lake, we were soon headed back out.

One last photography at the lake.

Up and over the saddle and Sawtooth Peak comes back into view. This time without Susan pointing to the summit!

This is a flowering bear grass. They were everywhere.

Finally, more interesting clouds over Beaverdam Peak. It was a fun Sunday outing with my hiking pals!

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