Buckhorn Lakes Expedition, Finale, Payette National Forest, Idaho

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On the final morning of the expedition, I was up super early to shoot the sunrise.

It was tough to pick out stars due to the bright moonlight and then the twilight of the sunrise. Notice here that I believe these are two planets, one above the mountain which I believe is Venus and one at the far upper left corner of the image. Also notice in the previous image the reflection of Venus in the lake.

After crawling around on the rocks for a few minutes, I found a nice vantage point for sunrise photography. I set up my camera on the tripod and ran back to camp for the stove and coffee fixins.

As the sun rose behind me, the light on the mountains changed ever minute or two.

Since it was dead calm, the lake reflection was amazing.

Same image, rotated 90 degrees.

A slightly different angle.

Voila, art!

At first glance, this image looks upside down. Indeed, it is not, just the reflection of the mountain above.

Back in camp, we were prepping to load up and start our 10 mile hike back to the car. A couple things to note, first, our tent fly is hanging on the line to dry before packing, it is relatively cold and the sun is filtering through the trees so we are huddled up drinking coffee and eating breakfast. Finally, yes, this is the first week of July and that is a snow bank in our camp! We referred to the snow as our refrigerator. It was nice to keep some of our food supplies cool and convenient to our outdoor kitchen!!!

After loading up, we climbed back up over the ridge. This is an image looking back at Bear Paw Peak (on the right) and Rainbow Peak (center) which we climbed yesterday.

Same image with Ruby!

This is a trip which John and I had been talking about for about a year. It took us into some very remote lakes and peaks within the Payette National Forest. We literally saw no other people on the busiest weekend of the year in McCall. An amazing experience with two of my favorite people (and favorite dog) in the world!!!!

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