Mountain Climbing Road Camp, Central Idaho

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Greetings Davefaitlemonde followers, my apologies for the extended break! I just finished up a 5 day road cycling camp with a few of my cycling buddies. I was unable to provide daily posts because we were just cycling, eating, sleeping, cycling, eating, sleeping, cycling…… you get the idea!

It all started off last Tuesday with John arriving in his rolling man cave!

A couple of my buddies are not from around these parts so they were curious about the pile of snow near my house.

Wednesday, everyone arrived and it was an easy spin along the rolling hills of the McCall area. Fabian posed for the first picture of the camp and a theme was established! Editor’s note here: Fabian’s bike is so light it almost floated away when he got off, luckily he grabbed it just in time!

I have no pictures of day 2 camp, we did the 4 Summit Course out of Cascade and since John and I were dropped early, we had nobody to take a picture. Please enjoy this sunrise shot of Payette Lake instead! There was a KOM prize at the top won by the Italian Stallion from Texas, Mauricio! He was a marked man for the rest of the week!

Day 3 brought the Idaho Classic, Whitebird – Grangeville – Whitebird and the return of Fabian’s bike floating away! He needs to tie a string on that thing and around his wrist!

Of course Mo had to get into the action, notice how he struggles to raise his bike?

Unfortunately, the Italian Stallion got cramps right before the finish line and DNFed. There goes the overall lead in the KOM points!!! You can just make out the finish line behind him on the river, ohhh so close!!!

This was the swim portion of the camp, also a tradition for this route. The river felt like 32 degrees and the air temperate was above 90 degrees. Photo credit to Fabian.

The next day we headed for the Idaho single lane classic, South Fork Road!

Of course it wasn’t all cycling, we did stroll around downtown McCall which was starting to get busy with the 4th of July holiday right around the corner!

Bike maintenance was important as well!

The final day was a ride up Seceash Summit and a shot of Upper Payette Lake with Black Tip Peak in the background.

A big thanks to Mo, Fabian, Tad, Tommy, and John (not pictured). It was an amazing 5 days with 5 amazing dudes!

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