“Nature Walk” Fredericksburg, Texas

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I am taking a little vacation from the Idaho mountains and have headed to the warmth (oppressive heat) of Central Texas. Fredericksburg is a town I have always heard about in the Hill Country, primarily as a destination for amazing road cycling……

Well, honestly, I have been here for more than 24 hours and haven’t seen one cyclist, not even a commuter bike….. I have however, seen lots of tourists! I mean lots of tourists. Luckily, this trip was all about checking out the town and not about cycling. To get away from the souvenir shops and hoards of mindless strolling tourists, I googled up a nature hike in a nearby city park, packed the camera and I went for a photo shoot.

Keep in mind that nature walking in Texas is something entirely different than nature walking in Idaho……. Its less about the scenery and more about….. well, flowers and stuff.

Here is a small dam which makes me happy!

Finally, everything is bigger in Texas, this is what I believe is a COVID-19 virus! It is much easier to avoid “The Corona” when you can see those buggers! Also, everybody says they are from a wet market in China, I believe they grow on trees here in Texas!

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