Ponderosa Park, McCall, Idaho

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It was time for a very early season hike in Ponderosa Park. The forecast called for a rainy day but it turned out to be only showery during the hike. I was feeling tired so an easy stroll close to home seemed in order.

Hiking on the winter cross country ski trails.

This is a small pond in the middle of the park which I have shot many times but none this early in the spring….. or late in the winter?

Here is a shot of the western side of Payette Lake, still frozen!

A couple tree photos.

A rare black and white on davefaitlemonde.com!

Ponderosa Park is a fairly common hike/photography destination for me. Check out some of my previous blogs in different seasons. https://davefaitlemonde.com/2019/05/15/ponderosa-park-mccall-idaho/ https://davefaitlemonde.com/2019/10/18/fall-colors-mccall-idaho/ https://davefaitlemonde.com/2019/05/12/mccall-idaho-5/

By the way, we enjoyed this hike so much that John talked us into doing another loop and it turned into an all afternoon 8.5 mile trek. Thanks John!!!!!

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