Ponderosa Park, McCall, Idaho

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I was out stalking the sunrise again.  I arrived at this spot about an hour and 15 minutes before sunrise.  The images are in order and you can watch the sunrise progress through the series.  Interesting how the clouds changed.  Its also cool to notice how the slower shutter speeds take out the waves.

David BeckMcCallDSC04642David BeckMcCallDSC04650David BeckMcCallDSC04663David BeckMcCallDSC04671David BeckMcCallDSC04680David BeckMcCallDSC04700David BeckMcCallDSC04716David BeckMcCallDSC04732David BeckMcCallDSC04748David BeckMcCallDSC04716David BeckMcCallDSC04773David BeckMcCallDSC04775David BeckMcCallDSC04779David BeckMcCallDSC04795David BeckMcCallDSC04795

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