Hazard Creek, Idaho County, Idaho

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Craig, John, Ruby, Dakota and I headed out for another springtime classic, Hazard Falls. You can see my trip report from last year here: https://davefaitlemonde.com/2019/05/17/hazard-creek-idaho-county-idaho/ One interesting thing is that last year we did this hike about a month later and the spring melt was in full swing. This year, much less high country melt in April.

It’s a little lower elevation here than McCall and the spring flowers are out.

Hazard Creek Falls, with Ruby…..

Hazard Creek Falls without Ruby, note that Hazard Creek Falls is not actually on Hazard Creek, it flows into Hazard Creek….

Hazard Falls which is actually on Hazard Creek. It is much bigger than it looks. It is very difficult to see and photograph given its location deep in the canyon.

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