Hazard Creek, Idaho County, Idaho

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A Springtime walk along Hazard Creek with John and Ruby.  See John’s trip report at http://www.splattski.com.  He has some great video there.

David BeckMcCallDSC04825

This normally babbling brook was raging with the recent warm temperatures and the large snow pack, the ground was rumbling!

David BeckMcCallDSC04829

Pollock Mountain in the distance.

David BeckMcCallDSC04831

A closer view.

David BeckMcCallDSC04837

Hazard Creek Falls

David BeckMcCallDSC04834

Hazard Falls, not to be confused with Hazard Creek Falls, which is on a tributary to Hazard Creek.  I believe it is called Hyatt Creek.  As a point of reference, you can see John and Ruby near the base of the falls.

David BeckMcCallDSC04849David BeckMcCallDSC04848

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