The Gorilla Loop, Montgomery, Texas

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One small bright spot of the COVID-19 virus is that many people are staying home and the road cycling has been very nice without all the cars. Here are a couple images from my recent ride with Ali.

I’ve mentioned Ali before….. he is a young fella, fairly new to cycling. Although he only recent started riding, he has progressed quickly and is quite a strong rider. We started our ride and talked about which route we were going to take, at an acceptable social distance of course. I asked him if he had been on the “Gorilla Loop”. He had not heard of it so off we went. One thing about young new riders is that us old slow riders need to out smart them…… About half way into our loop, after Ali had been pushing the pace at an uncomfortable level, I told him he needed to slow down and be extra quiet because if the gorillas were out, we don’t want to scare them off. After a few kilometers relief, we rolled up on the gorillas.

The truth is, there really are gorillas on this loop but they are statues! We stopped for pictures and a pee then soon returned to Ali making me uncomfortable! Luckily, I have a full bag of tricks to keep him from dropping me… far!

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