Year in Review, October 2019

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October for me was the tail of two lives, my life in McCall, then I transformed to my life in France. As I spent my last couple weeks in McCall, I was able to experience the entirety of the fall season and even into the first couple weeks of winter. A quick review of my blog posts shows the last couple of McCall adventures in the snow.

This image is of Beaverdam Peak. John and I attempted to climb it on this mid October morning but with the weather turning and the steep and icy approach to the summit, we were forced to abandon our attempt. Quickly, we called an audible and ventured out to this small unnamed pond near the base of the mountain. As we walked around the edge, the fall colors and reflection of the mountain knocked our socks off! Add the dramatic clouds and we had all the elements of a picture of the month!

Within a couple of weeks, I found myself in the warm sunshine of Southern France in a very small village in the French Countryside. It’s a place that I have become somewhat familiar now and that I have come to love as my second home!

This image was captured on a warm somewhat misty morning on a sunrise walk. When I see this image, it reminds me of the warming sun rays, the faint smell of burning wood, the chirping birds, the occasional gunshot in the distance from the fall hunt, the distant church bells ringing the morning hour and the warm croissants waiting back at breakfast. Here, it’s almost as if time has frozen in some far past century. The senses are touched in a way that is not too different from hundreds of years ago.

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