Mountain Biking In The Woodlands, Texas

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I’m going to take a little break from the Year In Review and let you know what I’m up to! Doing a little mountain biking around the Woodlands. This is my third winter here in Texas and I have manage to cobble together some acceptable dirt routes near my home. To call them mountain bike trails is a stretch but I would classify them as acceptable dirt routes. This week, I have been out a couple of times for a total of about 50 miles. In that 50 miles, I have climbed a total of 700 feet in elevation, hardly a mountain!

I much prefer riding the dirt just about any time, especially here in The Woodlands. The road riding here or even the green belt riding is the most dangerous cycling I have done in all my travels. Keep in mind, once you leave the bubble of The Woodlands and go into the countryside, things improve dramatically. Dirt riding here is no give-me either. One must thread the needle of relatively dry conditions which are generally far and few here and preferably riding in temperatures below 50 degrees. Why 50 degrees you ask? Well, South Texas is the home of more snakes than you can shake as stick at! Below 50 degrees, no problem, between 50 and 70 degrees, probably not a problem. Above 70, forget it!


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