Saint Jean de Bueges, France

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Today was our last full day in Lauret so Rich and I headed west out on what have become familiar roads in this little valley. We spent most of our time on some of the best riding roads we have found so far then found a bunch of better routes off to the west…… the result? The best road ride I have ever done! It starts off with a ride around Pic Saint Loup, here, a new angle.

On to a type of road I haven’t seen before….. the bikes are priority here! Perhaps a glimpse into what heaven might look like for Davefaitlemonde!

The River L’Heruat

It was a very hilly route, never flat with almost 5000 feet of climbing. All the climbs are about 500 to 700 feet of gain each.

A stop in Causse de la Salle at one of my favorite cafes for a wood fire baked pizza and a coffee……only they are closed on Monday so it was a warm coke and a couple bars. The man who owns it lived in New York City for 11 years and loves to speak english.

Another great decent into the Bueges Valley. At this point, you may be saying to yourself: “Not many cars in Dave’s images…..” Well, its true, Rich and I figured that at one point we went more than an hour without passing a car.

Bueges Valley below, notice the switchback on the hillside.

Hard to see in this image but that is the town of Saint Jean de Bueges under the big rock.

Easier to see here. This is a cool town!

Random cyclist wizzing by!

Up and over a pass then back down to the river and start up the next climb.

Final ride stats, 89 kilometers, 1500 meters of climb, 4 hours of ride time not including photo stops, two giant perma-grins and a bunch more roads found to explore next time! Au revoir Lauret! Il est paradis!!!!!

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