Grotte Des Demoiselles, Saint-Bauzille-de-Putois, France

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Today we ventured off for another biathlon, cycling and spelunking! First, a quick stop in Ferrieres-les-Verreries.

A quick stop along the L’Heuault River

Now a climb up to the Cave system called Grotte des Demoiselles.

Now, I’m not one who likes heights or enclosed spaces so I was taking one for the team. I was pretty impressed with the French infrastructure so mostly I was ok with this adventure. It started out with a tram ride into the cave system.

Then, it was into a totally different world of damp cool angles and colors! The scale is difficult to pick up with photography so I have included some walkway reference points in some images, something I normally wouldn’t do with natural subject matter.

It was similar to diving on a coral reef.

If you look carefully below, you can see the hand railings from the walkway across the cave. It was a weird sensation of being frightened of heights and being deep inside the mountain. Luckily, I had spent the summer hiking with John and Ruby and was used to being uncomfortable with heights. Oh, also the footing was slippery with wet stairs and cycling shoes.

Again, the walkway on the right side of the image.

The stairway down at the bottom of the image.

Then, it was back to the sunshine and warmth for our ride home.

Saint Hippolyte du Fort


Pompignan from the top of our last climb.

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