After a long day in the saddle yesterday, we decided to take a bit of a rest day today. A 6 mile hike and a 1.5 hour bike ride around the countryside of Lauret. First an image of our hotel at night.

The day started with an early morning pre-sunrise stroll for some misty photography.

After a nice breakfast, we headed up the hill for our morning hike. Here is our hotel below.

The french even do cairns well! We call this one, arch d cairn!

A little class III climbing!

At the top of the bluff we found some 4000 year old ruins!

Views of Lauret and the country side from the summit.

You have been asking yourself “what do the french do with all the grape stems after they pull the grapes for wine?” Voila!

Back at the hotel, we had lunch, coffee and then saddled up for the afternoon’s biking portion of the event. Both Rich and I later agreed that it was the best 1.5 hour road bike ride we had ever been on…… indescribably beautiful and cycling friendly! Wow!

The end of a perfect french day! Here, you can see the bluff we climbed earlier. Our hotel is at the base of it. Bon soir tout le mode!

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