Pic Saint-Loup……Loop , France

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“One of the best f%*%ing road rides I have ever done!” We arrived yesterday and jumped right to the goods. That was Rich’s reaction after we were finished.

A blue bird day with temperatures in the low 70’s. We rode a good potion of the way along the L’Herault River.

Some pretty cool bridges along the way.

After experiencing a great fall season in McCall, I get to experience another one here in the South of France as the leaves are just starting to turn here.

Ok, here are some images of roads for Tommy! If pictures of amazing biking roads are not your bag, you should stop viewing here.

Road picture intermission. We actually rode between the gap off in the distance, the peak on the right is Pic Saint-Loup.. The wide angle lens does not do it justice as the top is at about 2200 feet of elevation and rises about 1500 feet above the surroundings. Its a popular hiking area but also with the gentle winds and wonderful Saturday afternoon, a bunch of gliders and para-sailors were swirling above.

Back to road pictures already in progress! Pic Saint-Loup from the other side.

Our finishing “straight”. It was an amazing 50 miles with about 3000 feet of climbing, one coffee stop, one lunch break, tons of picture stops and about 6 hour total time out. C’est tres bon!!!!

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