Payette Lake Bald Eagles, McCall, Idaho

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As I was eating my lunch today, I noticed a couple of Bald Eagles frolicking above the beach below my home. I grabbed my iPhone and snuck out in hopes of snapping a photo before they flew off.

It was stunning to watch them swoop around. They were super close and amazingly graceful. Around and around they went, diving, turning and dodging each other.

Although we regularly see bald eagles here, it is rare to seem them swoop around for an extended period of time. After about 5 minutes, I realized this was a rare opportunity to get some real images. I snuck back into the house and grabbed my big camera….. of course I had to switch off my wide angle lens for something more powerful, grab some gloves and a coat because the wind chill was about 10 degrees then sneak back out. When I returned, gone! It was still an amazing sight!

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