Now back to your regularly scheduled blog already in progress!  Thank you Nicole for the kind words!  Nicole is a pretty good videographer and takes amazing videos of our trips then edits them into wonderful unforgettable trip reports.  I would be happy to share one with you the next time you see me!

Today, we bought a metro pass and took the tram-train around the city.  What an great city!!!!!  It matches Lyon as my favorite French city!  Also a great way to shoot photography.  The tram came every 8 minutes so we jumped on and off shooting video and photos of whatever looked cool……and a lot did!


Notice the regional roof tiles.David BeckDijonDSC03785

We had a theme today, capturing the sun…..

David BeckDijonDSC03782David BeckDijonDSC03790David BeckDijonDSC03791David BeckDijonDSC03804David BeckDijonDSC03813David BeckDijonDSC03823

On a day where the iconic Notre Dame burned in Paris, we were shooting the Notre Dame de Dijon which is stunning in its own right.  My heart goes to the people of France, hopefully things aren’t as bad as they look and that spectacular structure can be repaired.David BeckDijonDSC03828David BeckDijonDSC03830

We did to some other photography as well besides the sun.David BeckDijonDSC03794

Train station.

David BeckDijonDSC03799

Cool hotel reminds me of LyonDavid BeckDijonDSC03809David BeckDijonDSC03815

Here are a couple of moon images, I need a longer lens to do the moon up properly.

David BeckDijonDSC03833David BeckDijonDSC03839

And finally some evening photography as we walked back to the hotel from dinner

David BeckDijonDSC03844David BeckDijonDSC03845David BeckDijonDSC03853David BeckDijonDSC03855David BeckDijonDSC03857David BeckDijonDSC03858David BeckDijonDSC03860David BeckDijonDSC03863David BeckDijonDSC03864

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