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*This is a Guest Blogger, you’ve been warned!

Hello! This is Nicole Beck, the daughter, adventurer, first guest blogger, and all around stand-up person that has been spoken about on this blog from time to time. For nearly a year now, my dad has been posting and keeping track of all of his biking and hiking adventures. It is amazing to see what incredible photos he captures, and maybe even more amazing to see the progress he makes in his photography.

What he fails to capture in this blog is the patience, skill, and passion that he has for photography. The pictures below demonstrate some of those qualities that I managed to photograph during our time in France together this week. I’ll try to keep the sass down to a minimum in my narration. Bonus points if you can connect the dots and figure out which images he is photographing while I am photographing him!



Colmar, France.


Colmar, France. Some of those photos with the sun leave him seeing spots for hours, and yet they are his favorite. No pain no gain, I guess.


Some random canal in Alsace, France. Good he lifts weights in his off days. Shots like this require strength and endurance.


Some random river in Alsace, France. Honestly I was trying to capture the landscape, but he got in the way. Guess it came in handy for this blog post though. Win-win if you ask me.


Some random forrest in Burgundy, France. Note the careful bite on those sunglasses.


10/10 on his form. Not pictured: me holding his bike. The man needs a kickstand.


Besancon, France. Everyone loves a good city photo. Proud of my own photography skill in this one, if I do say so myself.


Dijon, France. I don’t think he has yet to post the photo he is capturing here, but I’ll give you a hint: it’s incredible!


Dijon, France. Think he might have been photographing a duck here. Not sure.


And lastly, the M.V.P. of the trip. He has a pretty sweet little set up with his camera. This Sony has seen some amazing things.

Thank you, dad, for letting me be part of your adventures! I love you and I’m proud of all your work!








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