Road Riding, Montgomery, Texas

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I was able to take a couple of quick snap shots of my typical Sunday morning group ride here in North Houston.  A couple good examples of the roads we ride.  There is a great Saturday morning ride and also a pretty good Sunday morning ride.  Generally about 15 to 30 dudes show up and it gets pretty fast!  Since I ride from my house, I end up with between 70 and 100 miles each day but normally only get about 2000 feet of climb over the course of each ride….. all in small rollers like this one….. which by the way, really hurt at 25 miles per hour!


This is Tim…. clearly violating the posted no dumping sign!  By the way, pee stops are about the only chance to snap a couple quick photos!


This is Taco Corner, it generally gets passed sometime during the ride and its where we refuel.  Notice the Georges water bottles on the bike bottom right.


This Jerry.  Jerry turn watts like a cummins diesel….  When Jerry goes to the front and winds it up all you can do is hang on!!!!!  He is my Texas Henry!




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