Phelps Cross Ride, Phelps, Texas

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My Phelps cross ride has turned into one of my annual rides.  Its a ride like Loon Lake or Twenty Mile Trail or many others in my life which are so good that I generally try to return there every year.  I went back to my blog post last February for the Phelps Cross ride and realized how much my photography and blog has changed since then….. I’ve been telling all my Idaho friends how great the cross riding is here and realized that based on my early blog posts, there was no way for them to really tell…..  Hopefully this post helps!

Check out my blog post from last years ride:

Contrast that to this years’s post…

The ride starts just south of Huntsville, Texas, about a 30 minute drive from my home here in Spring.  We park at a trailhead parking lot for the Sam Houston National Forest.  Pictured here is Tim, dropping his car keys forcing an unwanted return trip later in the day!


Our 9:00 launch was into a misty forest.  60 degrees but very humid making it feel actually quite comfortable.  Later in the day the temp was over 80 requiring a blasting AC on the way home.


Not a lot of mountains down here, we did about 56 miles but only climbed a total of 1500 feet of vertical.




About half the ride is on paved country roads….


More countryside!


Conveniently located country stores for snacks and filled water bottles!


More paved country roads, this particular stretch was about 10 miles of beautiful paved ribbon with exactly 0 cars!


More countryside and beautiful sky!


Hopefully this post helps give y’all an idea of my Texas rides.   Soon the leaves will be changing and I can post more Fall foliage pictures!  My second autumn season of the year.



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