Stage 9 Racamadour to Carsac-Aillac

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While today’s stage had its share of beautiful towns and picturesque churches, today was all about the bike, the road, and the route!  Unbelievable single lane roads with zero traffic!  The roads twisted and turned up and down one hill after the next.  From a cycling standpoint, routes don’t get any better!  It helps that I am feeling a little better on the bike every day again now.  I’ve got a rest day tomorrow which is a good thing as the forecast is calling for a bunch of rain.


Looking uphill:


Looking downhill:


I stopped to take a photo of this cool spot and literally, the only car it seems I saw all day came around the corner at that moment!  This is a transition spot where I just finished a downhill and have started the next climb.  In the distance off to the right just above the green field is the decent I just finished.  Maybe one of the best 5k descents I have ever done!




Crossing back over the Dordogne River on a dedicated cycling bridge!


Full circle back to the rail to trail path I was on 2 days ago, that is the bridge I just crossed.






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