Stage 4 Bergerac to Grand Casting

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First, I would like to thank my new friends at Le Close d’Argenson in Bergerac!  Merci beaucoup Pascal and Lauren!  What a wonderful place to stay in the heart of Bergerac!  Y’all were too kind to me!

Today was the first day I really enjoyed being on the bike.  Up to this point, I have felt in survival mode.  I’m still experinacing a lot of discomfort but the painful muscle spasms have subsided.  It didn’t hurt that today’s route went through the a rolling hills and forest east of Bergerac and that I took it pretty easy in Bergerac yesterday….. maybe it was because I went to Easter Mass!  As a result of feeling better, I have more photos from the route today.

Scenes from the road today:





Half way into my ride, I found myself in the middle of a mountain bike race!  The course attendants keep telling me to turn onto the race course.  They were apparently volunteers from the local village and had no idea the difference between a mountain bike and a touring bike….. each time the course crossed the road,  I had to explain in french that I was not part of the race…. awesome practice!!  By the way, the Monday after Easter in France is a holiday!






Entrance into my hotel for the evening.


The pony outside my door.


Tomorrow promises more rain!  C’est La Vie!



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