Rest Day In Bergerac, France

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Happy Easter everyone!  In that spirit, I attended mass this morning at Le Eglise Notre Dame de Bergerac!  Yes, hard to believe but I went to Easter Mass!  I prayed for all my sinner friends and family so you guys are good for a while.  Seriously, it was a beautiful and moving experience!  Although my french is not good enough to understand any but about 10% of the service, using my vast experience at Holy Rosary in Idaho Falls as a kid, I was able to generally follow the ceremony.  The church was packed, mostly with gray hairs and a few moms and mostly their disinterested kids.



It’s Spring here in Bergerac, the spring flowers have sprung but as you can see, the leaves have not burst for the trees.   The region in which Bergerac resides is know as the Dordogne.  Located in the southwest corner of France, it has mild weather and villages packed with ancient castles.  There are over 1000 castles located in the region.   The town is located on the banks of the Dordogne river and has about 30,000 people.  It  is the home of Cyrano de Bergerac, perhaps you have heard of him….

Scenes from around this small city.













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