Mt. Sampson – Nez Perce National Forest, Idaho

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Time for a big training hike with Scotty and Art. My schedule over the next month plus is going to be nutty so this will be the first of what are going to be speed blogs…… Pictures with minimal narrative.

Cool ribbon of trail! Rapid River is amazing.

Time to go up.

This area has lots of amazing benches.


More up!

All the streams were raging. This is the last water we would see for a while unless you count snow.


A top?!?! You can just make out Scotty leading the way or another way to put it, you can just make out Scotty dropping Art and I.

Oh the views from near the top!

After climbing about 5000 feet up Mt. Sampson the Seven Devils towered above us.


Enjoying a lunch on top of Mt. Sampson, Cannonball Mountain is in the near ground on the far right and the Seven Devils are on the horizon.

Time to go down, no trail here!

Interesting marker.

Art in a classic pose!

This time, no Art.

After dropping 2000 feet down a ridge, Scotty took us down the next 2000 to the river on what he called a trail. You can just make out the river lower right.

The river was….. well, Rapid!

The final 5.5 miles down the Rapid River trail was a bit of a death march. It was however, a great day with two amazing dudes!

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