Payette Point – Valley County, Idaho

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Craig and I have been working our way through all the local spring time favorites and next up was Payette Point. We left the car and the skies were looking favorable. After a bit of hiking we got our first view of the valley and it was obvious that the rain coats would be needed soon! We also noted how fast Little Payette Lake had filed up, three days ago, it was nearly empty.

After some group navigation, we managed to find the final pitch up to the Payette Point Shoulder.

Within minutes of hitting the summit, the snow started and the rain coats were on.

Craig and Dakota enjoy the spring weather and view.

Craig decided to do the final rock climb moves to the actual summit. I agreed to photograph the event and keep Dakota company.

Back down we go. Navigating through the trees can be a challenge but generally we just head downhill. An additional route clue is the snowshoe track which you can just make out with the snow ribbon in the foreground.

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