Payette Lake Ski – McCall, Idaho

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It’s time for my annual ski around the lake’s edge. And what a glorious day!

Art, Craig, Carol, Ruby, and Dakota start working our way around Pilgrim’s Cove. We made Art break the trail because he had the nicest pair of skis. Craig has skied so many miles this year that his skis are starting to delaminate!

I never quite trust the ice on Lake Payette, its more like a waffle than an ice block. I prefer to stay close to shore.

At our designated turn around, Craig takes a moment to soak in the beauty. We call this forest bathing!

Across the lake, Jughandle Mountain.

On the way back, Craig and Art take a short-cut across the Lake….. I know it is perfectly safe but the occasional water seeping up from the cracks freaks me out! Carol, Ruby, Dakota and I took the long route.

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