Hiking Near Pauanui, New Zealand

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One last view of Auckland Harbor and we say good by to this wonderful city.

After a goodly drive on some nice windy roads we arrive on the west side of the North Island. It sure is green here, including the hikers!

Around these parts, it is important to apply an anti-fungal solution to prevent the spread of diseases. These stations are located at every trailhead in these parts.

This hike takes us up to some old gold mine ruins.

This rail takes you on a deep trip into the mountain.

But not today!

Further down the mountain, this mine shaft was not blocked. Apparently this one has no gold left.

This is a rare glimpse out of an open area on the trail for a view of the surrounding hills.

Hiking here is somewhat civilized with these nice stairs on this decent

With recent rainfall, all the little brooks are babbling.

These beautiful fires are everywhere.

A splash of sunlight.

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