Fort Davis State Park, Texas

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Next stop on my epic fall tour 2022 is Fort Davis, Texas. This is a place I have had on my radar for some time and it defiantly did not disappoint! Super extra bonus, I was joined by my friend Texas Tim! Tim spent a fair amount of time in this area in an earlier lifetime so he was able to provide some tour guiding.

This part of East Central Texas is pretty amazing. Like most of the western United States, it was experiencing a cool spell but that did not stop us from enjoying this amazing ribbon of single track.

These views are quite nice!

Late in the ride, the blue skies arrived.

Bonus! We were able to ride to a summit! The Limpia Creek Peak.

My mountain bike takes a little nap at the summit.

Views from the top.

I love the light on this particular day.

Just off in the distance, center image far right you can make out the town of Fort Davis.

More adventure in this area tomorrow including a ride by the world famous McDonald Observatory.

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