Dog Canyon, Oliver Lee Memorial State Park, New Mexico

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After another long day of driving due south, it was nice to be in some warmer temperatures here in New Mexico. My campsite backed up to this expansive view of the desert below….. I had some high hopes of clearing skies and some nighttime photography.

The view to the east was not too shabby either.

You have to admit that the New Mexico flag is pretty cool.

This is Dog Canyon. I started up the trail thinking it might wonder up the canyon but realized it turned right and went right up the mountain to the right. It looked like a wonderful hike but being fairly late in the day, I gave it a minimal effort and an hour later I was back in camp.

At after climbing about 1000 feet I took some panorama shots before heading down. Here, Dog Canyon.

The view to the west and you can see the campground below.

After a short break, I wanted to check out a spring coming out of the mountain. You can just make out a tree center image at what I presume is the water source.

Lawson Spring. I’m thinking you would need to be pretty thirsty to drink that water unfiltered.

A wonderful sunset. Tine for sone dinner and a brief wait for some dark skies.

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