Snowdon Point, Payette National Forest, Idaho

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Back in Idaho!

After missing incredible fall weather here in McCall, I arrived to winter! That means, close in winter hikes and Snowdon Point is first up.

It was a weird day with misty smokey air. The first snow of the year always brings a second smoke season as everyone is burning their slash piles.

Moving up towards the point brings amazing views of the Lick Creek Mountains.

Craig and Ruby pause a moment to soak it all in. This was Craig’s second hike of the day so he was already warmed up!

Bill, Tom, and Barb make their way to the summit.

On top, Ruby models her fall fashion ware. Dakota is too wiggly to catch on camera.

I love photographing this tree every time I summit Snowden Point.

Textures of winter!

Finally, on our stroll back out, I manage to capture Dakota and Craig in the low angle sunlight and the mixture of fall colors and winter whites.

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