Louie Lake, Payette National Forest, Idaho

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Today, Ruby and I headed up to a local favorite, Louis Lake. I haven’t been on this trail for a while and was quite surprised to see how heavily used it has become. This section of trail used to be a thin ribbon and now it is beat in.

I was last up at Louie Lake in late May as we were on our way to climb Jug Mountain. Check that report out here, it looks quite different now!

Ruby was anxious to get in on the photography.

Notice the clouds building? The forcast was calling for late morning thunder showers. Ruby and I had originally planned to climb the nearby Twin Peaks but decided it might be smarter to stay off the peaks with a potential thunderstorm.

After a couple hours of hiking, we headed back down to the car. It was pretty clear that Ruby was not happy that the hike was over. I decided to take her over to the beach. Ruby loves the beach and she was happy again!

She can dig and play for hours!

Is that a big smile???

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