Hee Lake Chronicles (Day 1), Payette National Forest, Idaho

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Originally, the goal of our July 4th escape from the madness of McCall was to visit some very remote lakes called Jungle Lakes…. you will see as this expedition report unfolds, an audible was called along the way! Below, Sawtooth Peak above Lick Creek Summit.

Duck Lake on a beautify early summer day!

Along for our adventures on this trip were Tom and Ruby. Ruby was anxious to document some early trip modeling!

Look Uncle Dave! The trail has snow on it, but most importantly, “I look good on this rock!”

High above the 20 mile creek drainage, Ruby finds another rock!

At the top of our first pass for the day….. snow!!!! This decent should be interesting!

Lost Art Peak, more on this peak later.

Job one, get under this snow wall.

Further down the decent, we get out of the snow. In the distance, Humdinger Peak….. more on that peak later as well.

Down at Hee Lake, we take a break. Again, Humdinger Peak and on the right shoulder, a look at the conditions we encountered on our decent.

Finally, a goodly amount of time later, we find ourselves at the top of North Lick Creek Drainage and set up cap on a small island of clear ground. Elevation, about 8100′. It was a warm day but with the surrounding air conditioning, it turned out to be a chilly camp!

More to come soon!

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