Jigsaw – McCall, Idaho

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It’s a beautiful morning in paradise!

While out doing some yard work, I found a bowl full of these morsels! Pasta tonight!

Craig, Tom, Dakota, Ruby, and I were looking for a mellowish hike after recently climbing Jug Mountain. Those who follow my blog know that Jigsaw is an amazing Spring Classic here in McCall.

Tommy is really stepping up his game and taking the role of NTP or in his case, Name that Something or Other. If you zoom into image number 2, I’m pretty sure Dakota is rolling her eyes.

I think that I shoot this tree every time we climb Jigsaw.

On the summit, Ruby and I go to work for a moment.

With a late spring this year, the only wildflowers we found were these LPFs. I might need to hike Jigsaw again next week when the flowers are near their peak.

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