Athens, Greece…. the birthplace of modern civilization! And of course, I start with a bicycle shot!

Up first, a sculpture class. Actually, we did a cooking class first but due to the fact we were packing a weeks worth of activities into about 36 hours, no pictures were taken there.

After a bunch of running around doing this and that, including a COVID test, we started a tour of the Acropolis and Parthenon. We hired a tour guide and while she rambled on, I started wondering off shooting pictures of random stuff.

This is a pretty cool tree don’t you think?

Location of the “most important” first medical school. Think Hippocratic oath!

After a few twists and turns aside, we arrived at the top of the Acropolis near the Parthenon. To be clear, an Acropolis is a city’s high point and the Parthenon is the temple on top of Athen’s Acropolis.

Amazing architecture for something 2500 years old! The trick here is to photograph these artifacts without including the hoards of tourists. Y’all know how I love photographing tourists!

Amazing stuff!

More non tourist angles!

Our last day in Greece and what a glorious day it was!

This shot looks south from the Acropolis.

The actual Parthenon which was being preserved in some manner.

Ancient Greek temple with modern Greek Crane.

A view of Athens looking north.

While our guide droned on, this little kitty gave me some great shots. She found this little depression in the ruins and posed for some interesting images. I think her name was Ruby!

One final shot for the trip. A view looking south with the Mediterranean in the distance. Good times had by all!

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