Idaho Trails Association – South Fork of the Salmon River (Day 4), Frank Church Wilderness, Idaho

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Another day, another dollar down in the South Fork of the Salomon. The crew packs up camp and talks about the day ahead.

The spot weather forecast had called for about 30 percent chance of showers. It was only a couple minutes into the work day that the rain coats came out.

That didn’t mean the work stopped!

Notice the snow level not far above the trail.

Some sections of this trail had fantastic rock work done long ago. Always a thing to behold from a trail maintenance crews’ prospective.

All along the way, we felt as though we were being watched.

In fact we were being watched. It seems we saw thousands of elk and a few sheep.

Now it’s time for random beautiful scenery from the South Fork. Notice that the sun came out later in the morning which was nice.


We only cut out about 5 trees along the way. Here is one, before and after.

More random photos….

Finally, after a good day’s work, the canyon began to open up. We knew we were near the end of the trail work portion of the trip.

At the Station Creek Bridge to nowhere, we all stopped for the obligatory group shot. A job well done boys! Now just a 1.5 mile hike down to Scott’s cabin and quasi civilization.

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