Montpellier to Peret, France

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A bit of organization then needing to get my bike ready and I was on my way for the day. I have kept a bike here in France for many years now but it has set idle the last two years due to the Corona.

After some husslly busslly city riding, it wasn’t long and I was on a rail trail. Things got much more comfortable.

While I was stopped taking some photographs, a French masters team rolled by…… It almost looks like Mike and Tom on the front! I’ll bet they were out doing Ride “A” and soon stopping at a coffee shop!

After a goodly warmup on the rail trail, I turned off on this super sweet climb in the coastal mountains above Montpellier. It was a day of low clouds and rain forecast for the afternoon. I left early today to avoid the afternoon showers.

Here is the view from the top. I suppose I can’t tell you about the view but I can tell you this single lane paved road was amazing!!!!

After descending for a bit, I popped out of the clouds.

In the valley below, beautiful vineyards. I enjoy my late autumns in the South of France where I get to experience my second Fall of the year!

French Villa in the distance.

More views in the rolling hills of this region..

These tree lined roads are common here in this part of France. I believe they are sycamore trees. They can be quite hazardous to the motorist who tend to fly down the long straight stretches.

I’m guessing this was painted by a local teenager who’s parents are in the wine business. He/she is tired of the vineyard!

As I moved farther inland, the skies turn darker. Additionally, I started to move into the more lumpy parts of the region.

Not to worry, I made it to my destination before the showers. This is Peret, my home for the next 2 days. I was hoping to explore this area tomorrow but the forecast is calling for rain all day….. glad I’m not doing a transfer tomorrow!

This is my new friend Elvis! He ain’t nothing but a hound dog! He is a sweet fella, think I might take him along on my voyage!!!

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