Four Desert Peaks, Indian Valley, Idaho

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John, Ruby and I headed south for some new peaks in the desert area around Idaho’s Indian Valley. Make sure to check out John’s trip report here:

It is a much different world down here compared to our usual life in the big mountains around McCall. Even though we were in an area with no trees, it did not necessarily make the peaks easier to climb.

The wind was blowing pretty hard and you can see this here in the desert flowers.

After a little over an hour of climbing we reached our first summit.

Views from the top show wide open panoramas.

Ruby on top of Peak #2, ears flapping in the wind.

Descending from Peak #2. We found lots of cow paths which led us generally back to the car.

A short drive later and another hour of climbing led to Peak # 3 for the day. As we walked up, a rabbit ran into the rocks piled up at the summit. Ruby was not interested in posing as she had some sniffin to do!

Finally, Peak #4 for the day. This is John’s 900th peak on Lists of John. Chapeau Monsieur! If you don’t know what Lists of John is, it is worth checking out! Here is John’s LOJ profile: By the way, Ruby has climbed about 220 peaks and she is only 4 years old! See her profile here:

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