Greenville, South Carolina to Saluda, North Carolina (and back!)

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Out for another long hard day, starting with a section of the “Little Texas” route.

This route takes us back up and over into North Carolina. A nice Saturday afternoon brought out the cyclists. This route has almost no cars and is a local favorite with a pretty nice long climb.

The town of Saluda is quite quaint!

Nothing makes this old water engineer happier that infrastructure!!!! This is the outlet to the North Saluda Reservoir which is apparently the main water source for the City of Greenville. No boats, fishing or getting near this body of water.

A big shout out to the Trek Travel folks! Our guides and support was amazing, all lead by Big Wave Dave (left) who is legendary in this buisness! Wave came to Greenville for the bike camp back in 2011 and never left! I see why, amazing riding!

On the way back, we passed the famous Hotel Domestique which is in the heart of this cycling region. For those that don’t know, George Hincappie is a famous American bike racer and part owner of this resort which caters to cyclists.

In all today, about 85 miles and 6000 feet of climb. It’s an easy spin in the morning then back to IAH. Total for the entire camp, 400 miles and 30,000 of climbing….. Shut up legs!

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