Gallagher Peak, Boise National Forest, Idaho

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This morning, Art, John, Craig, Tom, Dakota, Ruby and I headed out to bag a winter peak located south of McCall. As we rolled out, the thermometer in my truck had us questioning our decision…… Yes, that is negative 15 degrees. Check out John’s trip report here:

Upon our arrival, we were relived to see that our launch temperature was up to a balmy 18 degrees and sunshine was not far above our parking spot. Look carefully just above the shaded area and see the heard of Elk.

Here is a blow up,

Once we climbed into the sun, it wasn’t long before all the cold weather gear started coming off.

Below is the road we came in on and a back county air strip in the meadow.

Once we hit the saddle, it was almost all snow. Here Art and John are bickering about the route ahead, even though Art had never done this climb and this was John’s fourth accent…… I was sticking with John!

Further up the ridge, the views started going off the charts.

John is pressing hard and leading us up the ridge, something he would pay for later.

Up Up Up!

Finally, I was able to catch up John as he fiddled with his camera.

Nearing our summit the peak far in the distance is Shaffer Butte, home of the Bogus Basin Ski area near Boise.

At the top, we stopped for lunch, John pulled out his Michelin Man puffy.


Coming back down, is wasn’t all a decent over the rolling ridge.

Ruby and Dakota seemed to be concerned about John falling behind but not concerned enough to go back and check on him. The thought bubble is above Dakota: “Why is your dad slowing us down?”

As we decsend, the dogs lead the way!

One final view of the valley below and now clouds rolling in.

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