Northshore Park, The Woodlands, Texas

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We had a warm misty morning and although I was hoping to shoot a sunrise, I knew the fog would make for some interesting photography.

I started in the park but quickly ended up on the nearby Lake Woodlands Boulevard Bridge. The building rush hour traffic provides nice highlights on the long exposures.

I then headed underneath the bridge. As my regular followers know, I frequently end up shooting photographs under bridges!

For some reason I find the structural lines of these bridges interesting….. must be the old civil engineer in me!

A unique prospective of the Hughes Landing area.

As daylight breaks, I quickly switch to my wide angle lens.

Hughes Landing again only this time, notice the green lights on the water? Someone is out training on a scull with a small green navigational light. The long exposure made for a streak. The Northshore Park is home to the local rowing club and you can often find them out training on Lake Woodlands.

This is what sunrise looked like today. This image looks south down the lake.

Finally, this guy showed up right as I was leaving providing one last subject to photograph. One of these days I need to get a telephoto lens so I can shoot some close-ups!

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