Mountain Biking The Woodlands, Texas

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I was out on this beautiful winter morning enjoying my favorite mountain bike ride here in The Woodlands.

Its a nice ribbon of single track which follows along Spring Creek for a goodly length.

Most people don’t realize that in this part of Texas the natural countryside is heavily forested.

Along the route, things open up to this nice nature area.

Live action!

Good old fashion Texas Swamp!

Most people visit this nature area and don’t realize that it is an old abandon golf course. The old golf course engineer in me picks up on a few subtile details which reveal its true nature…. so to speak.

Good old fashion Texas bird at maximum magnification on my iPhone.

Another trail image.

So you are saying to yourself….”I wish Dave would show me a picture of Spring Creek which must be a beautiful clear creek running along this wonderful nature area”. Well, here ya go!

A good old fashion muddy Southern Texas Creek!

One final image from this “Mountain Bike Ride”. Stats for the ride: 32.43 miles, almost 3 hours, and a total of 566 feet of elevation… More like a trail ride, not a mountain bike ride! Oh, did you notice the temperature? A good old fashion winter day in Southern Texas!!!

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