The Idaho Triathlon – Pete’s Lake, Payette National Forest, Idaho

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We loaded up the rig and headed out for an Idaho Triathlon….. Mountain Biking, Hiking, Fishing! Today’s contest involved John, Ruby, Texas Tim, and Rich.

The first leg involved about 6 miles of fairly technical riding.

After a goodly amount of time, we stashed the bikes and started our climb to Pete’s Lake.

This is a shot from the top of the saddle. Tim later in the day named the saddle ” This f%$#%$in Mountain”.

What you can’t see in this image is the snow that was falling, winter is near.

After a good while, we were at Pete’s Lake.

On to the next leg, Fishing!

We soon divided into two camps, fly fisherman and spin casters or in other words, those who don’t catch fish and those who do!

After the spin casters built up a large enough lead to firmly secure the overall triathlon win, we worked on a little photography.

If you look over yonder on the grassy knoll, you can just make out the two fly fishermen working the only place on the lake they could backcast…… which also proved to be the only place without fish.

Soon, it was time to head back and over “This F$$#$#in Mountain” and go home.

Beaten and bloodied, this triathlon participant was unable to even muster a smile.

An amazing fall day with amazing friends in good old Idaho!

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