Lake Thirty-Three – Mount Heinous (Final Day), Payette National Forest, Idaho

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After a solid night of sleep, we were up early for coffee and a sunrise. We were in no hurry to make the 3 hourish hike back to the car and return to civilization.

Coffee, breakfast, another coffee, then some fishing while still in jammies!

Ruby was definitely tired from the previous day’s adventure and enjoyed the easy pace of this morning after.

Despite John’s best efforts, he was unable to close the fish deficit and took last place in the fishing competition!

We were full of coffee and renewed energy so we decided to go check out a nearby pond.

Turns out it was more of a small lake and was quite beautiful! Lake 33 in this image is below and to the right of this peak. It’s about 200 feet higher in elevation.

Another reflective image!

It was back to Lake 33 then the hike up and over the saddle. Another beautiful day in paradise!

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